The Rangung Jeshe On-line

Теперь он реализован через tumblr. Поиск ведется по вхождению словосочетаний.

Rhythms Easy Tibetan

Rhythms Easy Tibetan

Небольшая (около часа) аудиокнига с основными тибетскими фразами под ненавязчивую музыку.

Sanje Elliott. Tibetan calligraphy

Sanje Elliott. Tibetan Calligraphy: How to Write the Alphabet and More
Учебник с поэтапными примерами рисования тибетских букв (со всеми надписными и подписными)
Так же в нем приведены тексты наиболее распространенных мантр и молитв.

Формат ePub.
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Workbook on Tibetan Pronunciation

Workbook on Tibetan Pronunciation
(Ngawang Thondup Narkyd, Kenneth Liberman)
The result of an intensive course in conversational Tibetan at Eugene University, Oregon USA, this workbook provides an extensive oral drill for the purpose of training students to recognize standard Tibetan pronunciation.

Translating Buddhism From Tibetan

Translating Buddhism From Tibetan. Joe B. Wilson

Описание учебника:
This complete textbook on classical Tibetan is suitable for beginning or intermediate students. It begins with rules for reading writing and pronouncing Tibetan, gradually carrying the reader through the patterns seen in the formation of words and into the repeating patterns of Tibetan phrases, clauses, and sentences. Students with prior experience will find the seven appendices—which review the rules of pronunciation grammar and syntax—provide an indispensable reference. It balances traditional Tibetan grammatical and syntactic analysis with a use of terminology that reflects English preconceptions about sentence structure. Based on the system developed by Jeffrey Hopkins at the Unversity of Virginia, this book presents in lessons with drills and reading exercises a practical introduction to Tibetan grammar syntax and technical vocabulary used in Buddhist works on philosophy and meditation. An extremely well designed learning system, it serves as an introduction to reading and translating and to Buddhist philosophy and meditation. Through easily memorizable paradigms the student comes to recognize and understand the recurrent patterns of the Tibetan language. Each chapter contains a vocabulary full of helpful Buddhist terms.

A Textbook of Tibetan Language. Lama Choedak T. Yuthok

A Textbook of Tibetan Language. Lama Choedak T. Yuthok
(Скан учебника).

Tibetan grammatical categories and the notion of ‘ergativity’

Tibetan grammatical categories and the notion of ‘ergativity’
Небольшая статья на английском языке